Quick Start Event [19.01.2024 - 18.02.2024]

Posted 2 months ago


Join the Adventure in Aurelia Online!

Embark on an epic journey with our exclusive Quick Start Event, spanning a thrilling 4 weeks of excitement! Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities, where challenges await and rewards abound.

Event Highlights:

Double Experience Points: Level up faster and conquer new heights!

Double Silk per Hour: Enhance your in-game wealth at an accelerated pace.

Increased Job Limit: Take on more roles with the job limit raised to 2.

Refer a Friend Bonus: Bring in new players, and for every recruit (subject to IP/HWiD check/promoted Char have to reach lvl 110 for reward), receive a generous reward of 500 Silk! 

New Character Starter Pack:

For all freshly created characters, enjoy a bountiful package that includes:

28 Days of Premium Membership

14 Days with a loyal Grab Pet by your side

20x Reverse Return Scrolls for strategic maneuvering

20x Resurrection Scrolls for a seamless gaming experience

50M Start Gold

Additional Rewards Await:

Reach lvl 110 with your first Charakter (IP Check) and get 250 Silk reward as start bonus.

Show your prowess by reaching level 110 with 3 characters on a single PC and claim a Dress of your choice as a symbol of your achievement.

For those with a new character adorned in a complete Nova Armor +7 and Full Blue accessories, an exclusive Custom Title with "Loyal" 

(includes the "Blue Zerk" ) awaits you, showcasing your commitment and dedication to the Silkroad Online community.

Are You Ready for the Challenge? Join Now and Unleash Your Potential!

Embark on this adventure, forge alliances, and make your mark in Silkroad Online! The Power Start Event is your gateway to a world of thrilling battles, rich rewards, and lasting friendships. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity! Join now and become a legend in the Silkroad universe!