1. We distance ourselves from any war; Aurelia Online is a place of peace.
  2. Scamming is not allowed; any evidence of scamming will be punished.
  3. Never give your account details to anyone.
  4. Reduce insulting other players to a minimum.
  5. Global chat messages are saved and partially checked; making extremist statements will result in punishment.
  6. Never ask a team member for items or power leveling.
  7. Botting is prohibited at unique spawn points!
  8. Being AFK in the Battle Arena or similar systems is not allowed!
  9. Always accept and respect the Aurelia Online team.
  10. Selling items or entire characters for real money is prohibited!
  11. Illegal tools to bypass server limits are forbidden!

In general, violations are first given a warning, then a 3-day ban for the second offense, a 7-day ban for the third offense, and a permanent ban for any subsequent violations!